The term signifies the entire process of making a website functional. The concept relates to the complexity in which computer language is utilized to build a website. Codification has been simplified to a great extent by the advanced technology. Proper development of your site will help your business to grow and thus its revenue. Ortange is one of the leading web development companies and we take up the works of web design, web content development, coding, security, privacy, encryption, e-Commerce, etc involved in the process of development of a website.

Our web developers offer services like:

  • E-learning system
  • Online Travel system
  • Insert some text
  • Content Management Systems
  • Lead Management Systems
  • Call Management Systems
  • CRM Solutions and Customisation
  • Custom Application Development
  • Shopping Cart Systems

Promoting your business online

The planned promotion and selling of goods and services online; web design incorporating skills in graphic design and interface design which related to the eCommerce is also involved in web development. The term web design is generally related to the appearance of the website. Whereas, web development includes all the basic works of web design engaged in the server-side, scripting, web server and network security. You can avail all these services from our company in order to enhance your business site. Our developers will work in sync with your feedback and thus cater to all your needs and demands.

Open source platform & enterprise expertise

We have taken the process of web development a step ahead for the next generation with the usage of Open source platform and enterprise expertise to run applications online. Applications that were only obtainable on a desktop computer are now easily available as web services. Such innovation has provided the users with opportunities to interact with applications from any location rather than having to work at a particular workstation.

Our Team

Development in the web world is continuously growing and keep apace with this involvement, developers need to have a frame of mind that knows the significance of development and is willing to change. Our team of expert developers at Ortange is dedicated to their task and is open to more experiments with the open source expertise. Thus they gain a hands-on experience of generating something that challenges and educates. Our developers are also involved in the development of social networking sites and various other business-centric applications.

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