Content Management Systems

Internet has been in use for over a few decades now. But what has changed Web was the introduction of the CMS or content management systems. It took web publishing from the techno savvy to ordinary people and businesses. CMS development has thus become a vital part of web publishing. CMS is a program which operates in the back end of a website permitting users to add and handle content in the kind of texts, pictures and multimedia elements. There is an immense craze for CMS web development thanks to the flexibility and adaptability it adds to sites and blogs.


CMS development

Websites those developed using  the CMS are much more optimized for the search engines, thus having better page rankings. There are number of plug-ins that help in the search engine result pages (SERP) for efficient management.With our CMS development service, you will get a user friendly interface and admin control access to control the contents of your website.Ortange offers website CMS development service customized to meet client’s requirement. Our CMS provides instant access with user-friendly interface and complete control over  the website’s content. We work on Drupal, Joomla, ZenCart, Magento, WordPress and other leading CMS and also offer their customization as well as integration service.

Advantages of CMS Development

  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Admin Control Management
  • Powerful Plug-ins
  • SEO Friendly Website
  • Better Generation of Content
  • Cost Effective
  • Website Easily Manageable

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