Established in 2010, we tend to square measure an India registered private limited company with a robust client base within the globe. A strong work ethic, honesty, constant improvement, attention to detail and commitment to quality have always been the core values of the company. These principles have steered our growth from a centered start-up into a detailed knit organization with many groups of experienced, committed and highly-qualified technical specialists. Our approach is to be utterly dedicated to every project we feature out with  our clients. We tend to dedicate ourselves to the ideas and methods of our clients and attempt to deliver  solutions higher than and on the far side what’s expected people.

Benefits of working with Ortange:

  • One stop search (expertise in complicated solutions with numerous technologies and platforms involved)
  • Expertise  performing on difficult projects and with uncommon or niche technologies
  • Specialists  in cross-platform mobile development
  • Development  expertise
  • Clear project estimation and coverage Skilled  management team (personal assistance: account managers and project managers)
  • Convenient payment choices (per-project or per-hour)

How will we tend to help you?

When you come back to us to speak about a project, the primary factor that we tend to do is listen. We study your project so as to grasp your development needs and to work out whether or not ORTANGE could be a smart match. If we expect that we will assist you.

We develop a sales proposal, a high level description of the software’s options and a corresponding time and budget estimate. We use early project necessities, historical knowledge from previous projects, and our expertise to initially estimate cost. At now the estimate can have the broadest range. As we have a tendency to learn a lot of about the project, the estimate are going to be  refined.